About Kimmie's Treasure Botique

Kimmie's Treasure Boutique was born way BEFORE she ever even imagined launching.

K.T.B has created these 3 rules & we live by them...
1. Girls, we always will be AFFORDABLE for your fashion fixes.
2. Life is a party girls, so don't forget to dress like it.

K.T.B is LIVE daily with new inventory. I am actively Trend-Treasure-Hunting #whereskimmie all around the country. These things give our customers the ultimate access to the HOTTEST TRENDS. Treasure Hunting w/Kimmie not only gives our customers access to new treasures, but we are also bringing exposure to those boutiques. #donthate, ELEVATE.

We are so grateful for your love, support & ever so grateful to the new friendships we are making along our treasure hunting journey.

-Don't Hate, Elevate.
Xx Kimmie